Slow fashion, is a concept that distinguishes us. Devoting ourselves to sustainable fashion involves identifying and respecting the genuine beauty of our environment. More than a skill, it is a lifestyle. A way of understanding the world that, at Coolstripe, we put into practice to make it a better place.


We render what the French call a nonchalant style, a simplicity that, without intention, looks different and exclusive.

We believe that small gestures, small details and small actions have the power to lead to big changes.

We appreciate authenticity over ostentation.

We appreciate authenticity over ostentation.

Coolstripe is a synonym for responsible, conscious, and sustainable fashion. Fashion that contributes to a better world while making you feel unique. Fashion that tells you stories, that soaks in cultural and aesthetic references, and then transforms them into garments that highlight your personality. Fashion that, put simply, shares and enhances your values.

“Dress how you think”