Autumn Winter

autumn-winter collection coolstripe
We have transferred the aesthetics of the Japandi trend — a style which draws on the Japanese notion of wabi-sabi and also takes aspects of hygge, the Scandinavian trend that focuses on creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort — to our collection of utilitarian fashion with minimalism as a recurring theme.
This collection is another example that nature, an endless source of life and resources, can supply us with materials and fibres that are 100% environmentally friendly. It also gives us the possibility of enjoying fashion in a more conscious and responsible way. Just like everything else in Coolstripe.
Colour plays a significant role in Coolstripe’s new Autumn/Winter collection.
The timeless colour palette conveys peace and serenity, as well as being eclectic and current.
Some of the features that define these comfortable pieces are jewelled details, trimmings, voluminous sleeves, flowing and structured shapes, warm and rich textures and fabrics, which highlight the beauty and elegance of simplicity, a synonym of sophistication, functionality and delicacy.

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